Details of Hire & Equipment at the Studio...


Cove Studios offers a full range of photographic services, from studio hire to workshops for amateur and professionals alike. The studio will have a 5 meter infinity corner + 3 others 'sets' all contained within 2100sq ft - The cove is still in build stage.

RATES: Minimum hire is 2hrs, up to 3hrs £25phr - 4hrs £90 - per hour thereafter at £20hr. This includes all lights, vinyl's, props & sets, setup & take downtime must be included within these hours. Fully working hot shower is an additional £10. Colorama backdrops are extra at £10 per colour - normal usage & £5 for use of the smoke machine. Payment of 50% or all of the hire charge to confirm the booking at time of invoice. Full payment must be received 7 days prior to booking. There is no credit card option at the studio. By booking Cove Studios it is deemed that you agree to the T&C's. Help will be on hand, if you are a club or what to make a 'group' booking, please email for pricing.

Unbranded 1x1000
Bowens 3x500, 3x400, 5x Mono Block (old style)
Neewer 6x300
Assorted small flash heads and slaves.

Soft Boxes - all sizes in cm
1x200 Octagonal with grid
2x200x40 with grids
2x120 Octagonal with grids
2x120x90 with grids
1 220x40 with grid
1 120x80 with grid
1 80x60

Beauty Dish with grid
1x72 1x48 1x42

Bowens Ring Flash/Fresnel200 spot
Turbo Wind Fan
Assorted backdrops, paper, vinyl & muslin,

plus several other softboxes and a large selection of

brollies, snoots, reflectors and gels.